Bernadette Anker on the perception of beauty and what values she admires most in women

Bernadette Anker is in her prime. Her career in modelling is rapidly gaining steam internationally and her attitude to life is grounded and admirable. We catch up with Bernie to talk about her approach to wellbeing and finding inner confidence.

What is your perception of beauty?
I love when a woman portrays her inner confidence. Not someone who knows they're beautiful and flaunts only their physical features, but I find someone who has found inner confidence in why they are where they are today very interesting. Someone who is determined in what they want out of life and is motivated in their actions without lack of intention. 

Do you have any daily rituals that you follow?
I like to start my days slowly. I spend my mornings waking up to have a coffee and chat with my family. I always do some form of a workout in the morning... I’ve been switching my days between runs and online pilates classes depending on how I’m feeling when I wake up (some days I’m more energetic and motivated than others). I don’t like to be online or looking at social media first thing, I spend my time from waking up to post workout by myself or with those around me. I also spend time on my skincare regime at night! It’s my way of winding down from my day to reflect before I sleep, it helps to slow down my thoughts. 

What do you do to stay well?
I workout regularly. I find when I workout often, even if if I don’t feel like it, it helps to clear my mind and makes me feel stronger overall. I eat pretty healthy most the time, I have found myself straying with a lot of baking in Iso haha, but I believe in listening to your body and what it needs in that moment. 

What are three of your favourite books?
I honestly haven’t been reading as much as I would have liked, even with all this spare time on my hands. I have almost finished reading ‘The Underground Railroad’ By Colson Whitehead and it has become a new favourite of mine. Some books I’ve reread recently which I forgot how much I loved was ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak (a classic I studied back in school and loved) and ‘Eggshell Skull’ By Bri Lee, a sad but very compelling read.

What values do you admire most in the women in your life?
I admire my mother’s resilience and empathetic nature. I admire the women in my life who are able to show their strength and resilience whilst still being compassionate and empathetic to those around them.

What calms your nerves?
I find that when I’m nervous or feeling anxious I like to walk it off. I’m a true walk it off type of person! I find myself in the habit of going for long walks when something has unsettled my nerves and it does wonders to clear my head. When I can’t do this I do the simpler things, I make myself a herbal tea or listen to one of my favourite podcasts and breath to preoccupy my mind with something else. 

What is the best and hardest thing about modelling?
The best thing about modelling is being able to travel for work! I find nothing more fulfilling then being able to experience living and working in new and different places. The hardest part about modelling is also the best…because I travel so much for work it can get lonely sometimes and I can go months without seeing any of my close friends and family.
What is a current ‘guilty pleasure’ of yours?
Baking. I have decided during quarantine to bake away haha. This new found hobby has also lead to an increase in sweets in the house and my family can hardly keep up! I’ve been eating too many jam drops and muffins.

You travel a lot for work, where is your favourite place to go?
My favourite city is Berlin. I love the work and the creative people I’ve met there. The food is amazing with so many different cuisines and restaurants available everywhere. There are also heaps of vintage stores and museums, I can walk around for hours. 

What is a favourite meal to cook for yourself or friends?
Vegan creamy mushroom pasta!

If you had no constraints what would you do?
I would travel Europe for as long as possible. A long holiday would be amazing right about now. I’d love to visit all of the beaches and villages, drinking wine with the locals everywhere.  

What questions have you been asking yourself lately?
What can I do to satisfy my interests I haven’t yet taken action towards? 
What more can I do to grow myself?

What words of advice would you offer to your younger self?
Overthinking and worrying about things that are out of your control is not worth it. Be kind to yourself.
Bernie wears the Chateau Pants and Corbusier Shirt