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In conversation with astrologer Srna Vuckovic

In conversation with astrologer Srna Vuckovic

Srna Vuckovic is the kind of women who embodies a strong sense of self; she trusts the process and follows what makes her heart sing. This inspiring women is a talented beam of light and has women everywhere hanging on her every word as she posts her utterly modern astrology reports that hit all the right notes. We caught up with Srna to discuss how the planets influence our daily lives, what living well means to her and advice she would give to her younger self.


What living well means to her
Spiritual wellness, good health, abundant love and time spent by the sea. I think we are so preoccupied day in, day out with everything always buzzing around us; it’s important to ground yourself by thinking positive and trusting in the process. That and doing what makes my heart sing creatively. That’s my version of living well and I try to practice it every day. 

On her journey into astrology
For the longest time I have been so intrigued and fascinated with astrology, I think I fell in love with it before ever realising I did. My Serbian background totally influenced my love for anything esoteric, spiritual and witchy. I like to think it’s in my blood! I started off with a Tumblr account many moons ago just writing what I knew, what I saw and what I thought on different signs, answering questions, that sort of thing. Then I began writing for an online publication and after that I moved to LA and began writing for the store I worked with; Mona Moore. That was really cool because the women were so inspiring, intelligent - they believed in me and gave me a wider audience than before. After my time in the States, I moved back and made my own website. I love everything about writing and the creative process that leads me there. Everything blends together and that’s why astrology is my happy place. It allows space for my Pisces soul to soar and be guided by the cosmos. 

On how the planets influence our bodies and daily lives
In Astrology, each sign has a planet that it’s closely associated with. Take for instance; Neptune the ruler of Pisces who’s primary principles centre around mystical, spiritual and occult experiences. Neptune is the planet of escapism, illusion and instability. It is associated with dreams and inspirations; rules the bowel, liver and spleen. Negatively aspected in an individuals chart, this could lead to a discordant attitude in a person or perhaps someone predisposed to a morbid mind. Yet next to Pisces on the zodiac wheel, Aries is ruled by Mars. The main principles there are mental strength, determination and fortitude. Mars is the god of war and aggression in ancient mythology; so naturally - Aries and Pisces people will be completely different with totally separate spirits. Looking at the whole chart is imperative; we each are born with an individual stamp, the Sun, Moon and Rising sign affect us deeply, not to mention where your Venus or Jupiter fall. To be honest, there is so much to astrology - oppositions, squares, conjunctions, nodes, equinox, grand trines and midhavens, I could go on & on. They each have a meaning and the more you dig, the more you learn. Simply put, the planets give us important clues to awaken the reality of our life.  

On her self-care rituals
Ocean swims, hanging out in nature heals every part of me. Celery juice in the morning, a good book and even better skin care. Lately, I have been obsessed with Biologique Recherché, Eucerin & Avène - can you tell I just got back from Europe :)

On her rituals for creativity
Music, I could listen to it from the moment I wake up to the time I fall asleep. If you walk into my house on any given day, SBS chill is playing always!! It gets me proactive and in the zone. I think creativity has a lot to do with fantasy & imagination, and I was always that kid doodling in her book, totally elsewhere. It’s so apt that I’m a Pisces, my mind is always somewhere else and for me that’s what stimulates my creativity. 

Her favourite places to escape to
Now that I live in Melbourne, going home, which is Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a favourite. I love swimming and watching the sunrise and sunset there. I also love going to Serbia & Croatia; it’s my background, my history and fills me with so much warmth, especially in the summertime. 

Her perfect day
Blue skies and sunshine, down by the beach with my boyfriend followed by a yum dinner & music with friends in a green garden. 

Advice she would give to her younger self
I’d say two things but I doubt my younger self would pay much attention. Firstly, I love the quote ‘The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself’. That rings so true for me, it should be more acknowledged in society.  Secondly, a mantra I like to repeat whenever necessary ‘What’s meant for me, will not pass me by’. These words make so much sense to me now, everything always unfolds as it should.


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