Life is beautiful for Helena Vestergaard

Life is beautiful for Helena Vestergaard! We take a look into her world where the focus is on conscious and sustainable living. She leads an effortless and fulfilling life on Sydney's Northern beaches with her pro surfer partner Nathan Webster and beautiful daughter River.

Her philosophy on living well
Balance, too much of anything is never a good thing. I believe you can over do a healthy lifestyle, I like to stay healthy but never obsess over the little things. If you eat well you feel well , when you keep active you feel more energised. When you are kind and open to people you feel better about yourself. So just trying to keep a positive state of awareness.

On her favourite places to escape to
My favourite place to be during Australian summer is right here at home, we live on the headland of a small semi secluded beach with rock pools and great surf, my husband is a pro surfer so we are never allowed to be far from waves. The beach next to us is a lot bigger and has cute cafes and a beautiful lake that opens into the ocean, It’s great for paddle boarding and swimming, it’s the perfect summer destination for us. I don’t think you can beat an Aussie summer.

Wellness rituals
My Daily wellness rituals would be trying to eat greens in at least one meal, I’m pregnant with my second at the moment so my body is just craving all things naughty and carbs  but I love taking care of my skin so everyday I make sure I clean my face and moisturise.

Weekly I try to get at least 2 yoga classes in (when I’m not pregnant I like to do yoga every second day) and also swim in the ocean at any given opportunity, I find jumping into the waves so soothing, awakening and grounding.

On her ultimate playlist
Gerry Raffity, Beck, Arcade Fire, Julian Casablancas and my friends husbands band ‘The Growlers’  are always great for relaxed beachy vibes.

Favourite reads
I’m always reading a crime novel, I’m a little addicted to reading and I can’t seem to stay away from author Karin Slaughter 

Words she lives by
I know it’s not very unique but ‘this too shall pass’. I tend to get so caught up in the moment sometimes and loose track of the bigger picture, so for me this resonates in a very positive way, that all things do pass whether it be an overwhelming emotion, a tantrum River is throwing, my morning sickness or just an uncomfortable experience, it WILL pass...  and then you wait for the next one. Haha