Nane Feist on celebrating everyday pleasures and living with freedom

Meet Nane Feist. The German model with piercing grey eyes, long limbs and a natural allure.

To stay grounded with such a busy schedule she embraces a life of simplicity and spontaneity that is filled with everyday pleasures. Her alluring approach to wellbeing is worth taking note of.

On working in the modelling industry
Like everything in life, good and bad. I began my modelling career in Paris and within a short amount of time I was traveling to Australia, Japan and all throughout Europe. Modeling was my ticket to freedom and I feel very grateful for it.

I love working with different creatives and becoming involved in the creation of brand identities. The brands that I work with have such amazing minds behind them. It’s not rare that I leave a shoot with inspiration and a stimulated mind.

On her perfect day
My perfect day would be one with no plans and to completely live in the moment. I like simplicity and spontaneity. A morning of meditation, yoga and music before an afternoon outdoors with a close friend does sound dreamy though. :)

Her philosophy on living well
To me, living well requires a focus on both mental and physical health. I constantly try to have perspective and to ask myself questions like, “where am I in life?” and “how do I feel about it?” in order to keep my different facets of life in balance. This means I’m thinking about my work life and personal life balance, making sure that I have a balance in both friendships and my love life, as well as nutrition, and self love.

Self-care rituals
My self care rituals often find themselves within little experiences that I find pleasure in. Beginning my day with yoga and meditation followed by a strong coffee and breakfast always set the tone for the rest of the day.

After traveling I book an air spa session, go to an infrared sauna for a sweat, and then eat clean home cooked food. If I feel tired I meditate and ground myself in nature.

I take a mineral bath soak at least once a week. I love to pair it with natural face masks and sage, lavender, rose and thyme herbal teas. I found some amazing teas at a souk in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago. There is so much beauty in finding little pleasures, embracing them, and integrating them into your everyday life. I believe that you can strengthen yourself by celebrating and embracing these pleasures.

On sharing a meal with family and friends
I love cooking and hosting! Cooking calms my mind after long work days and it makes me feel at home after traveling. Of course it also makes it easier to track what I actually put into my body.

My favourite types of meals are small plates and family style. A menu of cheese, seasonal roasted and steamed veggies, big salads, and maybe a roasted snapper or branzino with some orange wine sounds amazing right now. I grow my own vegetables, fruits and herbs during the summer so I can pick and cook with whatever is ripe :)

Advice she would give to her younger self
Be more self confident and at peace with your imperfections.

Favourite places to escape to

The South of Europe! I love the colour of the Mediterranean sea. The way of living in Greece and Italy is my absolute favourite. While in NYC I enjoy a drive upstate, a trip to the Botanical Gardens, or The Cloisters. However, my number one sanctuary to escape to will always be my home.

Favourite books
I recommend ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ to every woman. It is a revolutionary guide book about women’s health and sexuality through women sharing their personal narratives. It was published during the 1970s feminist movement and has been republished and reedited several times since then.

’Women Who Run With The Wolves’ is also on the top of my list. It uncovers the woman archetype of the feminine psyche, sense and soul through myth and fairy tales. I'm also really into the authors Ann Oakley and Albertine Sarazanne

Words she lives by
Staying in the present and living day by day. Freedom!


Interview by Anna Elizabeth Harding
Images courtesy of Nane Feist