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Rachel Saunders on choosing happiness and her deepening connection with creativity

Rachel Saunders on choosing happiness and her deepening connection with creativity

Rachel has always felt a connection to the land. Growing up on a farm in Vancouver Island has left the ceramicist with a lasting appreciation for nature and all of its wonders.

She prioritises happiness above all else and believes that we can choose how we show up in this world. It’s no surprise that women from around the globe are quick to purchase her inherently beautiful creations so they too can have a slice of this healing positivity.

Where are you currently based?

My studio is located on Vancouver Island, Canada where I am more or less born and raised. I’m currently based in Victoria but beginning to reenter the rest of world again which is where I feel I most belong, unfettered and alive. I will always appreciate the island as my resting place.

What is your current mindset?

My current mindset is that I am so happy to be here. I haven’t always felt engaged with my existence, and more than many times have fallen into the trap of waiting around for something good to happen so I have a reason to feel joy and excitement. Lately I’ve really consciously taken the reigns on that and made joy my priority. I’ve been romanticizing my life for all of 2022 and it’s been such an interesting experience, and I hope I never stop.

Can you share a bit of your background, your upbringing and how this has influenced who you are today?

I grew up on a farm, in what often felt like the middle of nowhere. It felt like there was never anyone around, and I often played by myself, becoming very resourceful and inventive from a young age. I’ve always been a sensitive and particular soul, and before I had the tools to create my own ideal environment, I created little pockets of different worlds to live in, both with my imagination and through crafts, music, thrift store finds, and books and magazine. I felt like I was born again when I ventured off into the world for the first time when I was 15 to places like San Francisco, Paris, and rural Mexico. I became lit up by the beauty and culture of other places. I began to understand more about myself as I experienced a deeper connection with art, and have been on a spiritual journey with it ever since.

Do you have any daily practices that keep you calm and grounded?

Every morning I practice kundalini, different kriyas depending on what I’m working on or going through. It’s something I’ve been coming back to it for the past 5 or 6 years. I’ve often fought with it, but came to the understanding that if I can do something that makes me a more grounded, kinder, energized person who has the strength to show up in the world and do good, than its a responsibility I must fulfil. Sitting in silent meditation does not work for me, and I really respond well to breath work, sound current, and physical activity.

Have you had any epiphany/realisations lately (big or small)?!

To be completely honest this entire year has felt like an acid trip to me. Everything is in superspeed, often technicolour, and nearly daily I am being hit over the head with deep realizations, or finally understanding things I’ve been trying to for years. I’ve been shown a lot of imagery and visions in my mind too that help me understand things better. A big theme this year for me was letting go the notion of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and seeing that there’s just no such thing as either in my own personal belief. The amount of pressure relieved in me from giving that up was monumental. To quote Sadhguru, “There are no ‘good’ people and ‘bad’ people, just joyful people and miserable people.”

As a ceramicist, what is currently inspiring you creatively?

Dreaming about visiting foreign lands and digging my hands into new soil. Seeing faces again in person and finding new ways to reconnect in community and creation.

What has made you smile lately?

Seeing little spring lambs jump and frolic without abandon on the farm I was staying on.


Can you share a recipe or meal that is your go-to for nourishment?

One of my favourite things to make is a green salad with lots of red onion, capers, a tangy creamy dressing, avocado, maybe some sunflower seeds, sauerkraut, spirulina, and then rip off a piece of nori and eat it like a salad roll. So satisfying.

What do you do for the first and last minutes of the day?

When I wake up I stretch and try to have a little moment of gratitude. Though usually I check my phone to get a hit of dopamine to get me moving. Before bed every single night I play a guided meditation to release any blocks or anxiety I’m holding onto, and to visualize my dream life. I usually fall asleep within the first few minutes bit it must have some effect on my subconscious?!

What book left a lasting impression?

It always comes back to Letting Go by David R. Hawkins. I don’t read too much but this is my bible.

What song is currently on repeat?

Witchi Tai To by Harpers Bizarre

What words of wisdom have you received that stayed with you?

Every answer you’ll ever need is always inside you.


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