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Rituals | The Art of Journaling

Rituals | The Art of Journaling

Journaling is a mindful practice that has been shown to bring clarity by slowing down a racing mind, reducing stress levels and it can help you to 'pull things together' and bring you back to self.

When it comes to journaling there are no rules, however as with all of our daily rituals, we like to create a series of steps to guide us on our way:

1. Start small

You can begin by writing one sentence each day. Perhaps it is a reflection on how you are currently feeling or a thought from the day.

2. Create a space

Finding an uncluttered space to practice this daily ritual will increase your levels of concentration and clarity.

3. Allow journal prompts to guide you

What is your current state of mind? What do you currently need more of and need to reduce? What are three things you are grateful for? 

4. Or go with the flow

Transcribe as many thoughts as possible to settle a racing mind. This works particularly well as a ritual for creative thinking.


Journaling is a beautiful way to start or end the day and you can write about anything you want. The point is to unwind and move through your day gently and with grace.


Image by Larissa Hofmann


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