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Tabatha Turner on creative rituals and being motivated by the past

Tabatha Turner on creative rituals and being motivated by the past

As an Art director and stylist Tabatha Turner has a penchant for seeking out the old to inspire something new. She stays grounded by looking at everyday as a fresh start and approaching life knowing that our mindset is a reflection of how we treat our body. Meet the lovely Tabatha. 

Current location: Sydney, Australia

Current state of mind? Reset and ready

What are your rituals for creativity? 

Despite being a stylist - I am not a die-hard fashion person, but I am a die-hard creative. Doing anything with my hands is a ritual that always cultivates the best ideas and makes me feel most myself. 

What makes you feel nourished throughout your day? 

Eating mostly plants, drinking mostly water, sweet messages from loved ones, and regular self check-ins of perspective and purpose. 

Where is your favourite place to escape and unwind?

I do a lot of Yoga. Spending the last few years inside has changed my thinking around practicing at home. I like that I can tune in at any time, on my time, and escape - NYC to be precise, via Sky Ting TV.

How has your mindset changed over the last two years?

So much has happened in two years and so much change in an instant. I am more resilient, have more perspective, and am more agile than ever. I think the time to stop, sit, and assess has grounded both myself and those around me - there is a very defined energy of purpose in the air.


What is currently inspiring your work as a stylist?

I have always been motivated by the past. Whether it be through my collection of magazines, books by my favourite photographers, or clothes - chances are if I am referencing a shoot, it’s from a long time ago. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Sleepwear, workwear, denim, everyday attire, the idea of uniform.  Seeking out something old that inspires something new. The Internet is a vast and wildly informative space - but more-so is spending endless hours trawling through vintage stores, galleries, and museums around the world. When I finally get back to Come On Eileen in Paris…they may have to drag me out by the ankles.

Is there another creative medium that you wish to explore more?

Not so creative, but I have been studying integrative health in my spare time to give credence to the unsolicited advice friends and family get an earful of. I am now working out how my two worlds can meet - well I have worked it out, and it will be coming out very soon…

What book did you read that left a lasting memory and why?

Too many to pick. Probably Move! By Caroline Williams. The New Science of Body Over Mind. The idea that our minds are dependent on how we treat out body. The takeaway? Move it or you will mostly definitely lose it.

What is your favourite meal to share with family or friends?

I love to cook and am fortunate enough to be able to multiple times a day. The dinner-party meal of choice at the moment would have to be a Sri Lankan Curry with lots of coriander, fresh chilli, lime, and homemade roti. Paired with a jar of my boyfriends’ homemade mango chutney. 



What songs are your favourite to relax to?

At the moment music is for dancing rather than relaxing. I am loving everything being open, DJ’s on, concerts going-ahead, house parties popping up. It is a big part of my life and something that I missed so much above all else, and will never take for granted again. 

Do you have any daily rituals that help you to stay grounded?

Every day is different. Every day brings a new location, team, and way of thinking - I wouldn’t replace it for anything. I do find that having small rituals each day that are the same however, keep me grounded. In the morning it’s drinking 3 glasses of water after cleaning my teeth and splashing my face with icey water no matter what. In the evening, it’s sitting at the table sharing food and stories no matter what. Making time each day to properly clean my skin, put a mask on (LESSE is a favourite), and shake up the lymph via a body-brush. Or my new favourite ritual that lockdown birthed - coffee and a walk with a friend…them being through my headphones…in a different time-zone…doing the exact same thing. 

What words of wisdom left a lasting impression?

If it’s not a hell yes…it’s a no.


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