Tanja Gacic on living the good life

The inimitable Tanja Gacic grew up on the beautiful and humble coasts of Croatia before making a move to Sydney, Australia. After a successful career as a model she has expanded her focus to photography, content and beyond. The fashion industry she has grown up in can be self-regarding but her mindset roams far and her admirable outlook on life makes you rethink and question your own lifestyle. Meet the lovely Tanja.


Current location: Sydney, Australia

Profession: Model, Writer, Photographer, Blogger

What is your current state of mind?

Agony and ecstasy of the apocalypse.

What questions have you been asking yourself lately?

If we are 99.9999% space then is everything we see an illusion? Is it possible to manipulate matter with thought, intent or frequency? Why is free speech so important? When can we go overseas again? Why can’t anyone make really good gluten free pastry dough? Are cats telepathic but pretend they’re not because they are snobs?

What are some personal strategies you use to bring yourself back to a state of happiness?

I go for very long walks. Sometimes I talk to myself like I am a small child who needs kind words. Sunbathing makes me feel wonderful. Long magnesium baths with candles. Listening to binaural beats set on healing frequencies. 

What is your perception of beauty?

Beauty to me now is how I feel about myself when there is no one around. Do I feel beautiful in my soul? Comfortable in my body? I feel beautiful when I keep small promises to myself, prioritise growth and have a clean conscience.

What is a current ‘guilty pleasure’ of yours?

Raw, unfiltered chilled red wine and dark chocolate.

What wellness rituals do you swear by?

Meditation is scientifically proven to increase or decrease parts of the brain that have become dysregulated. When practiced regularly, it leads to improvements in mood, immunity and wellbeing. What’s not to love? 

What is your favourite time of the day and why?

I like the heat of the midday sun, sunbathing in it for a very short time and getting very hot - I feel my body gets a rush of endorphins from the Vit D onslaught. Also,  sunset and dusk for the colours, even thought it always makes me feel like I’m in a melancholy romantic movie. 

What is something outside of your current medium that you are interested in learning more about?

I am practicing KAP at the moment - it is Kundalini Awakening Process. A practitioner presses on pressure points on the body and in the quantum field that releases the kundalini energy . It feels like electricity cursing through the body and makes one feel connected to feelings of bliss. I am fascinated by the process so I am learning about Vedic history, chakras and Kundalini right now.

What is your favourite meal to cook for yourself or friends?

I have a whole range of meals that I make in an oven tray. It’s kinda like one pot meals but for the oven. My favourite is any type of roast and veggies.  My friends seem to be fans of my preserved lemon, chilli, thyme, garlic, cherry tomato, mustard seeds, sumac roast chicken legs and balsamic roast radicchio

If you had no constraints what would you do?

Move to a tropical island and write a trilogy, leisurely, over a decade.

Has a book or film ever changed your outlook on life?

So many books and films have changed my life! That is the point I think - to make us feel emotions which in turn make us think, rethink and reimagine the world.

Who do you find inspiring on Instagram?

I follow a variety of therapists, doctors, nutritionists, physicists, philosophers, poets and thinkers - it’s awesome learning something new every day from divergent avenues. Let’s face it though, there is nothing like compressing thousands of years of evolution into one hilarious meme. 

Do you have a personal mantra?

Stay alive, stay afloat. Wait, sorry, that’s just the 2020 mantra haha. I guess if I had one, it would be something along the lines of : never compromise your own integrity, truth and imagination in order to people please others. If someone doesn’t take interest in opening their mind up to “get you”, walk away. 

What values do you admire most in the women in your life?

Intelligence, creativity, kindness. 

What words of advice do you offer to your daughter?

You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Make sure you’re interesting company.

What have you learnt to let go of?

Codependent relationships, processed foods, fighting dirty, fad diets, bad boys, worrying about getting older. 


Tanja wears the DES SEN lounge sweater in caramel