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Victoria Lee on being the best version of yourself and enjoying the moment

Victoria Lee on being the best version of yourself and enjoying the moment

Australian born and raised, model Victoria Lee's allure lies in a combination of warmth, intelligence and an incredible beauty that is just as much internal as it is external. 

Victoria's apartment where she lives with her partner and his brother, overlooks a picturesque New York - complete with iconic bridges and bustling city life. She's succeeded spectacularly at travelling to the other side of the world and making a name for herself. We admire her approach to taking care of herself and know this bright star has only just begun.


On her perfect day 
I’m an early riser, I like to enjoy the quiet of the morning. I make a coffee, take time to sit and meditate and/or journal. I love exercising in the morning, so I’ll go to a dance class, pilates, go for a walk/run anything to move my body. Home for breakfast and then maybe a bit of time organising and pottering around at home. Spend some time with friends, hopefully outside if the weather is nice. Then home to chill out, have a bath and cook a nice dinner, listen to music and get lost in a movie or TV show before an early bed time. I’ve accepted the fact I am a grandma!

Her philosophy on living well 
Living well to me is all about balance, I’ve come to realise the importance of giving yourself permission to have time to rest and recoup in order to be the best version of yourself.

On self-care
Self-care for me is all about slowing down. These days we are so connected to the world and each other through technology, which can be a great thing, but I find myself being easily taken away from the present moment; calling my family, lighting a candle and having an epsom salt bath, applying a Melanie Grant hydration face mask and watching a movie, listening to music, watercolour painting, writing in my journal. Self-care rituals for me are things that bring me back to joy and peacefulness - that can take all different forms depending on my mood.

On what excites her most about the future
The fact that we have the ability to shape and create it to a certain extent - there is also so much we can not control, you never know what the day will bring. I’m excited about pursuing new projects and continuing to learn and grow.

Her favourite places to escape to 
Home but basically anywhere I feel connected to nature. Hearing birds in the trees or being by the ocean, it reminds me I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself.

Reflecting on last year
When I look back, last year was a big year of change for me. I learnt how important it is to respect my own boundaries. To enjoy the moment and not to overthink. And to also welcome the opportunities that change can bring.

Her favourite reads 
It depends on my mood but I love escaping into a fiction novel, especially one that makes me laugh - Marianne Keyes is a favourite author of mine. I also love Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra for learning about mindfulness. Also books written by inspiring women, ‘The Woman I Wanted to Be’ by Diane Von Furstenberg is my next read.


Songs that make her want to dance
I love ‘Roses’, the SAINt JHN x Imanbek Remix.

Items she treasures most
Pieces of jewelry that have been given or handed down to me, photos of loved ones, hadn’t written letters - sentimental things. 

A vintage overcoat I found in Paris, a little floral black dress that belonged to my Mum that is my staple every summer!

Her wardrobe essentials 
A classic trench, over-sized blazer, tailored black pants, high waisted denim jeans, white sneakers, RM Williams Boots and basic white t-shirts. Comfortable, classic pieces.

Advice she would give to her teenage self
Trust your intuition - I am still reminding myself today.

Words she lives by
Do your best - whatever that looks like at the time, that’s all you can do.

Interview by Anna Elizabeth Harding
Photography by Darren McDonald


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