The July Astrology Report with Srnaverse

By Srna Vuckovic

We have been living through some intense moments as parts of the old paradigm strip away and move into their dying phase. Growth is uncomfortable, and many of us have been stretched to our utmost limit, yet the tempo is set to increase. July is no different to the rest of 2020, in fact, this month will rock our world enormously.

Let me explain why, the current Mercury retrograde in Cancer shows our ego, our shadow side, in all areas to do with family, bonding and belonging until the 15th of July. Mars entered it’s home sign of Aries on the 27th of June, creating a sharp new mood. Aries is very much ‘warrior’ energy that initiates, drives and pushes us to leap forward, sometimes without looking. Mars will stay in Aries for 6 months, which is highly unusual as it only ever stays in one sign for 6 weeks at a time. This can be viewed in many different ways, and we will surely get many different outcomes. Mars in Aries energy is quite aggressive, and if not careful, can escalate very quickly into something more sinister. With Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and Pluto all retrograde, July will be about the value we place on ourselves and others. A month to observe, wait and watch as life tends to speed up on it’s own around Eclipse time, and in turn increase a certain personal awareness. Following this, the Cancer Blue Moon on the 21st of July will relate heavily to our subjective perceptions of the world, creating a real sense of 'belonging' in each of our lives.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 5th is a high energy Full Moon that signals an end to certain circumstances. Big life changes are directly affected by any Lunar Eclipse, and themes such as career, home life and the balance between the two, get a major shake up! The July 5th Eclipse is ending the 2 year axis of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that have wreaked havoc on our internal and external worlds. We will all feel a push and pull between relationships, and this vibration takes our attention because it feels like the ‘last time’ of something. Capricorn rules time - so questions naturally arise - Do you value your own time? Humans tend to get overly emotional and expressive during a Full Moon, and this Eclipse will be no different. For many the first week of July will emphasise an emotional reaction toward someone or something. Lunar Eclipses often mean something is coming to a head. It’s time to create important, healthy, conscious structures that empower us, and we are urged to step up and act with integrity, honesty and compassion. This third eclipse in a stellar month, will see blockages crumble. Let go of beliefs that don’t correspond with your current reality! 

A few days before the Eclipse, on July 1st, Saturn moves back into the sign of Capricorn after spending a few months in Aquarius. Having both the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn will strengthen the need to be involved in a ‘labour of love’. Don’t resist the changes this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn brings, because once you get past it, new personal transformations unfold and you see the present reality in a new light. Allow it to mould and shape your life. If you are a Capricorn or have Capricorn Moon in your chart, you will most definitely feel this Full Moon. From July, Capricorn's have a final chance to restructure something to do with career, relationships or living environments. For all other signs, be aware of psychic sensitivity and instincts that are aroused when the environment you find yourself in is unstable and unfair. 


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Artwork by Milton Avery, 1960. “The Robed Nude”