Our philosophy includes treating our beautiful planet and the people on it with respect. We aim to leave a light footprint by considering our environmental impact and are constantly looking at new ways to improve.

  • For every order placed online, we plant a tree on our customers behalf. 
  • We only use high quality natural fibres
  • We work primarily with french linen because flax linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres available in the textiles industry
  • We use natural low-impact Oeko-Tex Standard 100 dyes
  • We design each style with longevity and high-frequency wear in mind
  • All orders are sent in biodegradable satchels and cardboard boxes.
  • Our swing tags are plastic free and we don't use safety pins to attach them (which aren't recyclable)

It is an evolving process and we are not perfect but we aim to produce with integrity and the future in mind.


Our loungewear is made from pure French flax linen and organic Mongolian Cashmere. 

This fabrication is naturally hypoallergenic and has unique anti-bacterial properties. They are highly breathable and 100% biodegradable.

All of our fabrics use natural low-impact dyes that have been certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  This means that less water is required in the rinse process, and less dye runs off in the water; therefore the dyes have less impact on the environment. Low-impact dyes do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper, and zinc), nor do they require chemical mordants to fix them to the fibre.

Our Organic Cashmere (coming soon) is certified by GOTS, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the highest level of certification available for organic fabrics. To be able to receive this certification, our products are evaluated throughout the manufacturing process — from their very beginnings as raw materials to their final fabrication as knitwear. It forbids the use of harmful pesticides, toxic heavy metals, and chlorine bleach. It requires that all dyes meet safety requirements on toxicity and biodegradability.


We design with longevity and versatility in mind. Our approach is to use less products more frequently, so each style is designed to take you from the bedroom, to the living room and beyond.


The factories where our products are manufactured are required to provide safe working conditions and fair living wages for all of their employees. 

Our products are designed in New Zealand. Our flax linen is from Normandy in France and manufactured in Shengzen, China. Our organic Cashmere is from Mongolia and manufactured in Mongolia. Both of our manufacturers are small family run factories who are committed to producing sustainably and enriching the lives of those who work for them. They are both SA8000 Social Accountability Certified.


For every order placed online, we plant a tree on our customers behalf. We are currently planting trees via The Eden Projects in Madagascar to reduce carbon pollution and give back to the planet. We do this via Ecologi.