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Marisa Competello on moving your body and a life in motion

Marisa Competello on moving your body and a life in motion

Marisa Competello is a dance and floral artist with incredible poise and precision. The creative is always on the move and uses both mediums as an expression of self while residing with her partner John in New York City. She is currently asking herself what the future holds and understands that constant learning and moving her body are key daily rituals that bring her back to a state of happiness during these changing times.


Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Always in motion.

What is your current state of mind:


What led you to work with flowers and the delightful world of Metaflora?

I am a dancer who found myself working in fashion as a stylist assistant. After nearly a decade I wanted to make a change and create something of my own.  I distinctively chose flowers and Meta came to be.  It has been an unexpected surprise and a unique opportunity to utilize my background and experience within a new medium.

Tell us about the dance classes you created Moves Pure Joy?

I have been a dancer and studying dance almost my entire life.  Teaching came about a few years ago.  My friend and I started teaching MOVES after being inspired by our teacher Ryan Heffington.  He is a brilliant choreographer who teaches all level Dance classes in LA.  We wanted to create that opportunity for ourselves and the NYC community.  It has been such a gift and source of pure joy!!

What are your current daily rituals?

Moving my body and jumping in the ocean.

What is currently inspiring you?


Describe your approach to wellbeing?

Balance is key.

What are some personal strategies you use to bring yourself back to a state of happiness?

My happiness comes mostly from engaging in learning and moving my body. I make this a daily priority.

What is your favourite meal to cook for yourself or friends? 

I love to make a big lunch to be eaten on a blanket in the grass.

If you had no constraints what would you do?

I’d move to Italy and live by the sea with my partner John.

Do you have a personal mantra?

I Am Loving Awareness.

What values do you admire most in the women in your life?

Nurturing, Strength, Creativity.

What is your favourite time of the day?

Dusk in the Summer is always dreamy.

What is something outside of your current medium that you are interested in learning more about?

I’d love to explore sculpture.

What questions have you been asking yourself lately?

How can I help create change in the world? Where will I live? And what will I do?

What words of advice would you offer to your younger self? 

Speak up!


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