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Lure your body into a state of rest with Savasana

Lure your body into a state of rest with Savasana

The aim of Savasana is to be completely and utterly relaxed but still awake. As our world's speed up, it is more important than ever that we learn the art of slowing down. It has powerful benefits and will calm your nervous system and pull your body into a state of deep relaxation.

Traditionally it is practiced at the end of a yoga session following the vigorous movements of an asana practice. During this pose you will close your eyes and breathe naturally as you lure your body into a state of rest and surrender.


How to practice:

1. Set up a peaceful space with no distractions. You can use bolsters, pillows and blankets. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to surrender.

2. Lie down on your back on a comfortable flat surface with your arm by your sides and palms facing up. Allow your feet to gently splay open.

3. Take one final and cleansing breath as you settle into position.

4. Mentally scan your body for any tension and aim to ground these areas and release. A heaviness may be felt through your body.

5. Breathe naturally and allow your body to feel heavier and heavier.

6. Allow any emotions or thoughts to arise and let them flow out of you without judgement.

7. Savasana can be practiced for 10-20 minutes.

8. Before you slowly come out of Savasana, set an intention for the day and what you would like to take with you and leave behind. 

9. Enjoy a deep inhale, move slowly to begin with and continue on with your day. 




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