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Isolation Lounge Series with Georgina Grenville in Paris

Isolation Lounge Series with Georgina Grenville in Paris

“I’m a mum of 3 and of course we live with my husband a dog and two cats, so a busy house, I’ve been waking up early and taking time for myself in the morning. This includes having coffee and reflecting as well as reading. I’m teaching myself tarot card reading so it’s theory time. This has become absolutely necessary as it’s the only time I’m alone all day. Meals have also become somewhat of a ritual, preparing them and taking the time to plan them so they don’t become too boring.”

- Georgina Grenville in Paris on her daily rituals while in isolation


The next book I’m going to read is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I’ve read it before but am excited to reread with current state of the world.Also War of the Worlds by Aldous Huxley, again it’ll be the second time.I read a lot from trashy summer reads to textbooks to literature to poetry....I’m rereading a lot of self help like zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, and The Celestine prophecy.....I could go on and on....

My playlist is feel good easy listening Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Al Green and all the nineties altrock is always mixed in there.some Johnny cash and some Bob Marley being South African of course Rodriguez.


I’m quite an emotional person! Like everyone I’m very anxious about when this will end, and how it will end but I try to keep from thinking about it too much and for now I’m taking things day by day. I do practice meditation so when my mind runs away I calm it by focusing essentially on my breath and connecting myself to the earth.

I am lucky we live in Paris but have a small garden which I go and sit in. Quarantine has actually inspired me to tidy out my home and closets, organize my bookshelves and hang lots of pictures. Its inspired me to get in touch with people too which has been uplifting.

Image by Melanie Ramon for Deveaux New York


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